The productions and remixes of John Graham, who's best known as Quivver, have been a staple of the world's top DJs for more than a decade. His work has been featured in the sets and mixed albums of some of the world's top progressive DJs, including Sasha, Paul Oakenfold and Deep Dish. Graham's signature sound is a spacey, dark and driving brand of progressive house marked by an intelligent use of dynamics. He's worked on material by everyone from Kylie Minogue to BT, and his skills have made him an in-demand remixer and collaborator. Although he's much better known for his work in that arena than his work behind the decks, Graham has released several well-received mixed discs, including last year's Controlled Substance. If his talent as a DJ is even a fraction of what he's shown again and again on his productions, his appearance at Vinyl this Saturday, January 12, should be a great kickoff to the new year.


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