Radio Slave

Last summer was scheduled to be Radio Slave's first visit to Colorado in several years, but the act had to cancel at the last minute — which makes this date all the more exciting. Matt Edwards and Serge Santiago were responsible for the Radio Slave concept, issuing bootleg electro-house mixes of Busta Rhymes, Kylie Minogue and other chart-toppers that immediately caught the attention of dance-music trendsetters worldwide. Edwards — a versatile and prolific artist who produces and plays under several names — took control of the Radio Slave moniker in 2002, blending classic, soulful house with stark, gritty techno, and honed his tunes in Berlin. It's not often that the electronic-music veteran and consistently relevant producer/DJ makes his way to this corner of the West, so this show will undoubtedly go down in Denver dance-floor history.


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