When beatboxing emerged in the early days of hip-hop, it probably came across to many as a cute novelty. From the Fat Boys to actor Michael Winslow, the notion of vocal percussion seemed more funny than cool. Rahzel grew up going to see his cousin, who just happened to be Rahim of the Furious Five. As a result, hip-hop became deeply embedded in Rahzel's psyche. When he later joined the Roots for a four-year stint in the mid-'90s, he brought with him not only his musical pedigree, but also a powerful, endlessly inventive beatboxing style. Since parting ways with the Roots in 1999, he's gone on to release several solo albums and has worked with such luminaries as Björk, the Crystal Method and Mike Patton, whom he often tours with as a member of Peeping Tom. Touring in advance of the release of Greatest Knockouts Vol. 2, Rahzel is sure to shine as a one-man hip-hop extravaganza.


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