If you find those roads that diverge in the wood and end up taking the road less traveled, what kind of music do you expect to hear on your journey? Maybe some kind of really weird genre mashup, like "extreme chiptune dance metal"? (Hey, we said this road was less traveled, didn't we?) That's what RainbowDragonEyes promises with The Primordial Booze, and he delivers in spades. The "extreme" and "metal" come in the form of lyrics about torture, mutilation and murder. The chiptune, meanwhile, is the heart and soul of the music. These deliciously raw digital sounds are straight out of your cherished Nintendo — only your childhood video games were never quite this manic. The "dance" element is delivered in relentless, pounding beats at happy hardcore tempos. You could dance to it, but you're going to get tired pretty quickly without some chemical assistance. All told, it's a hell of a ride to a strange but unforgettable destination.


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