Rap-Up: ESPN Magazine disses DJ Bedz

Rap-Up: ESPN Magazine disses DJ Bedz

DJ Bedz has been the official DJ for the Denver Nuggets for five seasons now, and if you've been to a game at the Pepsi Center, you know he keeps the place rockin'. But apparently the folks at ESPN magazine suggested that the Nuggets "trade up" to get DJ Clue. Ouch.

We're not sure if writer Ted Bauer is familiar with the art of DJing and turntablism, but Bedz would wax the floor with DJ Clue. On his mixtapes, Clue doesn't even mix or scratch, and he yells all over the songs! Bedz, on the other hand, mixes, cuts, scratches and keeps his mouth shut (for the most part) throughout his mixtapes. (Check out his podcast.)Give me Bedz over Clue any day. - Quibian Salazar-Moreno


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