Rapture DJs at Beta

If you need to tempt your hipster friends to the dark side — otherwise known as real dance music — the Rapture DJs may be able to help. Not only are they a recognizable brand name (believe me, they all love "House of Jealous Lovers") that should make your shaggy-haired, tight-pantsed fellow travelers more comfortable with hanging out in a dance club (in this case, Beta, on Friday, February 6), but they also spin a heady brew of classic hip-hop, disco, funk, rare groove and straight-up house that should serve as an excellent gateway drug for appetites already whetted by crossover acts such as Justice and Daft Punk. It's the next logical progression from the sprinkling of electro house that's been creeping into their indie dance nights for the past few years, and it might finally get them to admit that they like house and techno — or at least admit that it is, indeed, "real music."


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