RAQ hasn't amassed the type of popularity that might result in a frozen treat being named after it. Even so, its renown is spreading like hot fudge on a cold scoop of Vermont's finest. The band's ties to the land of Ben and Jerry and that state's jam-friendly scene are many. For starters, the Burlington-based outfit has been woodshedding its upcoming, yet-to-be-dubbed effort at the Barn -- the legendary Maple State recording headquarters of erstwhile jam juggernaut Phish. What's more, RAQ's sound packs a stadium-sized punch that recalls the celebrated swimmers. Since forming in 2000, the act has bounced energetically between beer joints, barns and festivals and garnered a burgeoning base of fervent fans. RAQ's hefty output -- which allows it to play several shows in a row without repeating a tune -- features meandering prog rock and jazz-funk-inspired crowd-pleasers with names like "Botz," "Tumblin Down," "Nasty" and "Carbohydrates Are the Enemy." Should the members of RAQ ever achieve ice-cream-container status, however, carbohydrates might become their best friends


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