Rascal Flatts

Purchasing a Rascal Flatts CD is like going to Cold Stone and ordering a vanilla waffle cone. There are so many flavors of country music that it seems a shame to settle for the blandest of all the varieties. Still Feels Good, the trio's fifth studio album, is a boring but consistent fourteen-song set featuring just under sixty minutes of Gary LeVox's trademark emo-country vocal stylings. Whiny power ballads like "Help Me Remember" and "How Strong Are You Now" make this a surprisingly depressing listen, and the nonsensical up-tempo "Bob That Head" sounds as out of place as the album's after-the-fact steel guitars. Jamie Foxx's appearance on "She Goes All the Way" is bizarre, at best, while the group's poppy cover of "Revolution" is an affront to the memory of John Lennon. There are enough bright spots, however, to keep Still Feels Good from being a train wreck. "No Reigns" is a gem that showcases bassist Jay DeMarcus's solid writing chops, and "Take Me There" holds closely to the pop-country formula that has helped sell over twelve million units.


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