Zonoscope, and it was awesome"">
Nothing anti-climactic about "Sun God." It was awesome!
Nothing anti-climactic about "Sun God." It was awesome!

Reader: "The 'long instrumental interlude' was 'Sun God' off Zonoscope, and it was awesome"

When Cut Copy was here a few nights ago, the Australian outfit transformed the Ogden into a sweaty discotheque. Everybody in the house dancing with complete abandon until the "set ended anti-climactically after a long instrumental interlude," as Laura Shunk puts it in her review. According to Joey B, who posted our comment of the day, the song was "Sun God" -- a track with a running time of some fifteen minutes and change from Zonoscope, Cut Copy's latest effort -- and it was awesome.

"The 'long instrumental interlude' was 'sun god' off zonoscope and it was awesome. What a great show. Also as long as I'm nitpicking I'm pretty sure 'most of the songs' were off zonoscope and not IGC but I can't be certain. Would make sense though since theyre touring behind that album and all. :)"


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