Record Tripping will get your head spinning

In video games, we're used to running, jumping, collecting and shooting (especially shooting). What we don't see a lot of is record scratching. And what we see even less of is record scratching to solve puzzles, like those little ball-in-maze puzzles or, uh, safe-cracking.

Yes, it's just about as weird as it looks
Yes, it's just about as weird as it looks

Until now, that is. We discovered this little gem from the Bell Brothers called Record Tripping late Friday afternoon and we've been tinkering with it on and off ever since. It's a weird little game/diversion that fuses pop music, Alice in Wonderland, record-scratching and puzzle solving into one odd package.

As pieces of songs from Beck, Gorillaz, Spoon and Death Cab for Cutie play behind a reading from Alice in Wonderland, you manipulate various circular objects (like the aforementioned barrel) as you would a record, scratching it back and forth or slowing it down by holding on to it. This allows you to solve puzzles. It also manipulates the Alice in Wonderland audio as if it were on a record being scratched.

It's oddly enchanting and addictive, both for the challenge of solving the puzzles as quickly as possible and the audio results. The whimsical visuals are quite nice too. It's the kind of thing you''ll probably play with for a couple hours, max, then never think about again, but it sure is fun while it lasts.

Visit Record Tripping to give it a try.

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