Reggie and the Full Effect

Hot Topic is still in full effect. Right, Reg?

Reggie and the Full Effect is like the composite scenester kid that's been at the ass end of every good/ dumb punk-rock trend from the past five or six years. Songs Not To Get Married To is a VH1 special of "I Love Hot Topic Band T-Shirts" that ironically and flawlessly copies the sounds of Electric Six, Dashboard Confessional, the Postal Service, Thrice and Thursday. There are even some chugga-chugga cookie-monster growls dispersed throughout the album just for good measure. Reggie is a joke band that's not supposed to be funny. Led by comic genius James DeWees -- known better for his "real" bands, the Get Up Kids and Coalesce -- Reggie is a tongue-in-cheek caricature of all things not sacred in a scene that doesn't laugh enough. But with lyrics like "Girl, I want to get inside you and die/Girl you look so fucking good tonight," it's hard not to crack just the slightest cool-kid smile.

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