Everything's bigger in Texas, which explains why 1989's "What I Am," by Lone Star denizens Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians, was played ad nauseam back then and still echoes on radio waves today. But Brickell's subsequent creative output has been so on and off, you'd think she was attached to the Clapper. From the moment she amassed the liquid courage to jump on stage with those wacky Bohemians in Dallas in 1985 to the regrouping for the outfit's tepidly received reunion in 2000 (which produced The Live Montauk Sessions), Brickell's signature croon has compelled attention: Love her or hate her, her voice is likely to stay with you for a very long time. Luckily for fans of the semi-jam, quasi-folk, would-be rock songstress, she's back -- for the moment, anyway. Brickell's new disc, Volcano, is full of the soulful, sentimental stylings that keep her fans hooked, but with an increased maturity from her heavy-rotation days. She's also back on the road, which brings her to Boulder for an e-town live radio-show taping this Friday, April 16. Make sure she's part of your "Circle." - Catalina Soltero


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