When Kris Kristofferson plays your demo for record-label executives, you know you've got talent -- and they do, too. So even before Larry Gatlin invited his brothers Steve and Rudy to join him in Nashville, it was inevitable that "Sweet Becky Walker," a song from Larry's debut album, The Pilgrim, would be a winner. On High Time, Larry's third record, released in 1977 -- just after the brothers were embraced by the Grand Ole Opry -- the credits expanded to Larry Gatlin With Brothers and Friends. Finally, in 1979, when the brothers signed with Columbia Records, the act officially became a trio, and the Gatlin Brothers went on to record a string of country-music hits with mass-market appeal, topping both pop and Western charts throughout the '80s. The family that plays together stays together, and while the brothers stopped touring in 1992 (golf and the theater they own in Branson, Missouri, took up much of their time), they're now back on the road. "All the Gold in California" wouldn't convince me to miss the Brothers when they hit Boettcher Concert Hall this Friday and Saturday, January 14 and 15.


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