Reverend Deadeye

With his modified wok-lid resonator guitar, rigged-up drum kit (which includes a metal washtub for a snare), a rusty Falstaff beer-can microphone and assorted other things, you have to wonder how the hell Brent Burkhart, aka Reverend Deadeye, takes the one-man band concept to a completely different level — and keeps it all going at the same time. With both feet pumping out beats while playing some killer fuzzed-out slide guitar, Burkhart and his commanding vocals churn out a blistering brand of buzzing, sweaty, backwoods-revival blues. His latest effort, The Trials and Tribulations of Reverend Deadeye, manages to capture a good deal of his frenetic stage energy, whether it's the barn-burning intensity of "Can't Take It With You," the medium-tempo chugga-chugga of "Drunk on Jesus" or the slower fingerpicking on "Chased Ol' Satan." The ideal soundtrack for flicking devils off your shoulder, Trials is the next best thing to seeing the man live.


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