Richie Hawtin

Although technically a Canadian who now resides in Berlin, Richie Hawtin helped put Detroit techno on the map in the '90s. As Plastikman, he found massive success in America's underground rave scene and throughout Europe's thriving dance scene. Always on the cutting edge technically and sonically, Hawtin is regarded as a true trailblazer by many of his peers. One of the earliest champions of the Final Scratch technology and Denver's own Beatport music-downloading service, he's done more than any other DJ or producer to advance that craft. Using MP3s, CDs, vinyl, Ableton Live and effects processors, a DJ set by Hawtin (due at Vinyl on Saturday, October 29) is much more than records simply mixed together; he actively composes minimal techno music on the fly, transforming the DJ experience into a genuine live-music experience.


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