Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin may not be human. His most common alias, Plastikman, certainly seems to imply there's something inorganic at his core. He looks human enough, but the music he makes moves, pulses and breathes with such an alien, biomechanical grace and precision, it's hard to believe it's the work of anything as simple and familiar as a fellow carbon-based life form. His technique of using records, drum machines, effects processors and computers to turn a DJ set into a live remix session certainly implies he's some kind of cyborg superbeing. And the absolutely devastating dance-floor results — irresistible, unrelenting, awe-inspiring collages of driving beats, snatches of sound and warped tones — sure don't sound like anything of this earth. Whatever his origin and composition, he's created some of the most enduring works in the techno genre, and his live performances are works of unparalleled genius. Judge for yourself on Thursday, September 11, when he comes to Beta and unleashes his brand of mech-organic techno on Denver.


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