Rift at Bar Standard

The music of Rift (aka Patrick Campbell) is complex, layered and nuanced. Each listen reveals new details in his intricate soundscapes. Drawing from the minimal sound, classic tech house and abstract electronic artists such as Autechre, Rift's work is full of atmospheric effects and innovative percussion tones and rhythms. His best material is not only solid enough to move the dance floor, it's deep enough to work for home listening, too. Rift got his start in the mid-'90s, working out of a tiny home studio in Florida. The hours in the studio paid off with releases on labels such as Auralism, Lobotomy and Thoughtless Music. These days he keeps busy with his own label, Vellum Recordings, collaborating with Habersham as the Ones With Many Faces and releasing track after track of experimental minimal goodness. You can hear it for yourself this Sunday, August 23, at Bar Standard.


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