Rightfully Accused

Remember the late '80s, when indistinguishable second-tier acts with names like Hurricane, Steelheart and Southgang walked the earth? Their stock-in-trade was power ballads, and their prettier, more polished brand of metal made the ladies swoon. Fittingly, their sound was reflected in their image: The dudes were pretty but not dolled up like Poison, rugged but not badass like, say, GNR. Rightfully Accused sounds like it was plucked out of that time period. Literally. From a production standpoint, Ready or Not sounds as though no time has passed since then. Worse, even when held up against what would have been their peers from that era, the songs are underwhelming and generic. And the performances aren't any more impressive, particularly the vocals, which are off pitch more often than they're on. Ready or Not? Gonna have to go with the latter, unfortunately.


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