Friday the 13th is like the poor man's Halloween -- and luckily, it comes with the same drink-til-you-ward-off-evil-spirits traditions. But then, pretty much any excuse is a good excuse to partyeven if it's just an outdated superstition whose relevance has been lost to tacky theme nights.

Get that spooky shit going this weekend at Rise (1909 Blake Street), with Scooter & Lavelle's Friday the 13th Party. The ultra-modern club decked in big-city style hosts San Diego-based DJs Scooter and Lavelle (formerly known as LSDJs and shown above) in a simultaneous wicky-wicky liquid mash-up. It's four turntables, two dudes, hundreds of vinyl records and a whole night of progressive house sprinkled with a dash of hip-hop. Cover is $10, doors open at 9 p.m. Log on to www.rise-nightclub.com for more information or call 303-383-1909 for bottle reservations.

If you like flash mobs, sassy men and not-creepy themed events, hook up this Friday with Guerrilla Queer Bar, which labels itself as "Denver's Ultimate Traveling Party." Ringleader Billy Trix is back from a year-long hiatus to revive the Guerilla Queers, the roving entourage of gay men (and women) who gather at an unsuspecting bar to queer-eye some straight guys and make conservatives uncomfortable. As with past parties, the location will stay secret until the day before the event in order to keep everyone on their twinkletoes. Sign up at www.queerbar.com to get all the juicy details, which should be available sometime on October 12.



Also this weekend, there's the totally straight grand opening of ATLAS (Alliance for Technology, Learning and Society), the newest multimillion-dollar addition to the University of Colorado at Boulder campus. The 66,000-square-foot building houses the usual college stuff -- classrooms and soda machines -- but also features a high-end performing-arts auditorium, which at 7 p.m. October 13 will be the site of a live audio and visual festival. MC Rick Silva hosts the gathering of multi-armed artists doing everything from noise-making with circuit-bent instruments to psyched-out visual projections to ambient DJ sets. The all-ages head trip is free.

Out with Scout: Oh, yes, downtown needs more nightclubs. Crave is the latest incarnation for 1523 Market Street, whose multiple past lives have included such monikers as Club Purple, the Cosmo Lounge and Beluga, among others. The three-story venue features varying dance music on each level -- and watch out for that second tier, which has a see-through Plexiglas dance floor so that patrons on either side can ogle each other at uncomfortable angles.

And stay up for another newbie: Spa Audio Therapy, located at 1800 Glenarm Street. The strictly after-hours club opened this past weekend and offers three rooms of late-late-night entertainment early Saturday and Sunday mornings, from midnight to 5 a.m. With plenty of parking outside and plush beds inside, there's no reason to ever go home.


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