Rising Up!, Mod Is Dead

Finally, the mystery is solved. For the past month or so, fliers have been circulating around town carrying the cryptic message "Mod Is Dead." Contrary to popular speculation, the slogan is not an unabashed shot at the now-defunct MOD Productions, the group helmed by Cory Morrison and Michael O'Donnell that oversaw the Oriental Theatre. As it turns out, Rising Up!, Mod Is Dead is the name of a brand-new monthly showcase that will take place on the first Friday of every month. The inaugural event will feature a special screening of the Rolling Stones' Cocksucker Blues, as well as performances from Android Assassin, Cocktail Revolution, the Scooterz and the Start Ups. Additionally, Amy Flomberg will have her artwork on display, and DJ Van Cleef will round out the evening's lineup on the ones and twos. Got scooter? Join the Mod Squad this Friday, October 7, at the Walnut Room. Suits and razor ties optional, baby.


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