Rob Drabkin

Rob Drabkin has made impressive creative strides in the past few years, and the nine tracks on his new record show just how far he's come. With earnestness and originality, Drabkin thrives within stylistic excursions that range from driving folk rock to understated experiments with classical musicians. His powerful vocals and syncopated guitar drive the soaring opener, "For You I Would Die," and his strumming complements top-notch keyboard and percussion work on cuts such as "Feeling Good Again." His balladry is also in top form here, particularly on waltzy numbers like "Stay (The Morning Fades)." The brief round of sound experiments on "Interlude" is forgettable, but Drabkin more than makes up for it with "Don't Worry About Me," which combines abstract guitar work and inspired input from Colorado Symphony Orchestra players. It's clear that, despite the album's title, Drabkin has made giant steps in his growth as an artist.


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