Robag Wruhme

Formerly one-half of the German DJ duo Wighnomy Brothers, Gabor Schablitzki is known by a number of monikers, but most notably as Robag Wruhme. A hard-drinking party DJ with a knack for reading and responding to pumped-up crowds, Wruhme is also an accomplished producer who individually crafted all of the tracks released under the Wighnomy name. Since the Brothers' breakup in 2009, he has focused on music production and touring worldwide as a solo DJ act. This year, Wruhme released a new album, Thora Vukk, on DJ Koze's Pampa Records, and a new DJ mix, Wuppdeckmischmampflow, on Michael Mayer's Kompakt imprint. Though he's often regarded as one of the flag-bearers for German techno, his diverse production work and DJ sets actually run the gamut from deep and tech-house to minimal. (Stop by for a full Q&A with Wruhme.)


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