Robbie Rivera at Beta

Robbie Rivera is one of those incredibly prolific artists who make normal musicians look like slackers. Since releasing his first track ("El Sorullo") in 1996, he's produced dozens and dozens of tracks, a seemingly unceasing stream of funky, dirty house music, incorporating everything from progressive to Latin influences. His first crossover hit, "Bang," was played extensively during the 2000 Sydney Olympics; it was also used in a Victoria's Secret show on CBS and cracked the top ten in Australia. He's remixed everyone from Faithless and Benny Benassi to Madonna and Ricky Martin and has produced three artist albums — Do You Want More?, Star Quality and Closer to the Sun — since 2005. That's in addition to running his own label, Juicy Music, which he does in what most of us would call "spare time." Oh, and he also manages to pull off a heavy-duty touring schedule. What isn't apparent is when he sleeps, but when you've got that much music to make, apparently sleep is optional. Catch him Saturday, March 13, at Beta.


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