Robotic Pirate Monkey

On its latest effort, the Booty Snatch EP, Robotic Pirate Monkey displays a noticeable maturity. On "Tides of Babylon," which opens the album, the Boulder-based trio delves into reggae and infuses the track with its signature bass-heavy sound, layered with island-style vocals. The album peaks with the anticipated drops of "Digging for Fortune," leaving the rest of the album for the chill-worthy comedown. The remainder of the tunes are perfect for cruising the high seas — or simply passing a doobie and reflecting on a long night of raging. "Bob Overboard" rounds out the record in a sweet way, with mellow DJ Premier samples and a melodic guitar sample that brings the Monkey back full circle, to the early days of mixing country music in with headbanging bass drops.


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