Rose Hill Drive

According to Rose Hill Drive drummer Nate Barnes, someone at the Boulder Theater suggested that, during its Friday, December 30, show at the venue, the band reinterpret a classic album in its entirety as a precursor to a set of original material. And once the idea was hatched, there was little argument over which platter to pick: Led Zeppelin I. Despite their tender years, Barnes and his cohorts, brothers Daniel and Jake Sproul, know every note of Zep's 1969 debut. Indeed, Barnes practically taught himself to drum by playing along with the late John Bonham's room-rattling work in the basement of his boyhood home, and the players covered the likes of "Communication Breakdown" and "Dazed and Confused" while still in high school. Although mastering the (slightly) lesser-known tracks on the disc won't be easy, given how many of them are built upon bizarre tunings, Barnes says he and the Sprouls are eager for the challenge -- and if this show goes well, they'd definitely be willing to repeat the feat in the future. Next year at this time, how about taking a run at Led Zeppelin II?


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