Roskopp/No Thought

After a sample from Robocop, Roskopp crashes headlong into "Microbial Warfare." Though running along at a breakneck grindcore pace, the percussion and dynamics take some moments to let passages hang precariously. Taking a break mid-point with a sample from Walk Hard, Roskopp finishes out its side of this split with the crushingly forbidding "Schizoid Embolism," reminiscent of Scum-era Napalm Death. "Poser Holocaust" starts off No Thought's side of the cassette with an incisively aggressive sound akin to what might have happened if Discharge had gone grindcore. Except there's a more frayed and eruptive character to the band's nine screeds against phonies, oppression and posers. To wit: There's a song called "Poser Desecration" and another called "Obliteration of a Generation (of Posers)." At least No Thought's unremitting hate isn't without humor.


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