Years before he was a filmmaker, Vincent Gallo was into music. He joined his first band at age nine, and by sixteen, he'd moved from Buffalo to New York City, where he played in Gray, an art-noise act, with Jean-Michel Basquiat. More than two decades later, he scored his film Buffalo '66 and formed an outfit called Bunny with actor Lukas Haas. For his latest project, RRIICCEE, Gallo recruited drummer Nikolas Haas (Lukas's younger brother), keyboardist Rebecca Casabian and former Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson to create improvised pieces. Since the act doesn't have anything recorded and there are no plans to release an album, this may be your only chance to hear Gallo and his mates together. In the meantime, be sure to stop by our Backbeat online blog for an extended Q&A with Gallo.


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