"It's so simple when you open your mouth," singer-guitarist Rob Gault croons in "Simple," among the gems on this consistently beguiling EP — but that's not necessarily true. Because he and his drum-playing brother, Lewi, moved to Denver from Scotland, listeners will expect vocals that recall actor James Doohan sputtering about dilithium crystals. Instead, Gault's accent is less noticeable than the purity of his delivery on the likes of "Here Again," a roiling showcase for dueling guitars wielded by Rob and cohort Blaine Schult, and the concluding "Colorado," a tribute to the Gaults' adopted home whose sincerity more than compensates for its sentimentality. While Saints' success at striking this balance comes across as extremely natural, it's tougher than it seems. After all, if it were simple, everyone could do it.


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