Sander Kleinenberg

Vinyl has booked some of the planet's best-known spinners of late, but few are more noteworthy than Sander Kleinenberg. Over the past several years, this Dutch treat (he's from Holland) has earned plenty of acclaim -- and prompted lots of tail-shaking -- for the sort of dance-floor versatility on display throughout last year's Everybody, a wide-ranging yet consistently entertaining mélange of big-beat styles. Earlier this month, Kleinenberg returned to the well with a double-CD mix set on the Thrive imprint coyly dubbed This Is Everybody Too, and if it isn't as immediately grabby as its predecessor, it remains a compelling trek across the length and breadth of the club scene circa now. While "The Right Time" and "The Fruit," a pair of Kleinenberg's own tunes, are among the collection's weaker ditties, he's a keen judge of other people's talents, and the soundscapes he creates from their work rise, fall and undulate in enticing ways. When it comes to moods, he's a master conductor, albeit one who uses a turntable arm instead of a baton. Call it the Vinyl solution.


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