Santi White, who goes by Santogold, is red, white and blue through and through, having come of age in Philadelphia before relocating to Brooklyn — but much of her work bristles with foreign-sounding intrigue. "Shove It," from her self-titled 2008 debut, is built upon reggae and dub influences, while "Creator" pits her patois against swooping, whooping electronics manipulated by mixologist Freq Nasty. At the same time, however, she's capable of crafting straightforward fare along the lines of "Lights Out," which could practically pass for a new-wave ditty, and "I'm a Lady," an exercise in '80s-friendly pop rock with a diva-like twist. This combination has perplexed some observers, who occasionally refer to White as a hip-hop artist — a label that makes no sense whatsoever. That's because the Woman Who Would Be Santogold, who joins Mates of State, Low Vs. Diamond and Trouble Andrew on this bill, defies categorization. Her most exotic attribute is talent.


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