Sascha Dive gets lo at NORAD on Saturday, July 7

The first thing you should know about Sascha Dive is that Sascha Dive is actually his real name — no need to pretend. That ethos follows through with the rest of Dive's abilities: He's not big on using bells, whistles or other accoutrements to embellish his sound. And that's good, because it's fine just the way it is. Better than fine, actually: Dive's clean, streamlined sound is as minimal as techno comes these days, but he's lost none of the deep soul or characteristic funk that's his birthright as a DJ/producer out of Detroit. Dive, who first gained accolades as a deep-house expert, is now based in Berlin. He's come full circle from the original techno hot spot of the planet to the newest techno hot spot of the planet, running Deep Vibes Recordings and launching his own tracks on such prestigious labels as Raum...musik and Drumpoet Community. DJ W!LD and H-Foundation will join Dive at a Roots Denver after-party for the Roofless bash at NORAD featuring Danny Daze on July 7. Visit to purchase tickets.


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