Satoshi Tomiie at Vinyl

DJ Satoshi Tomiie (due at Vinyl Saturday, September 19) is a truly distinctive voice in house music. The Tomiie sound is built on tribal percussion circling crisp, steady beats — driving, but not too pushy. Track selections lean toward the dark and brooding: moody slices of dance-floor euphoria haunted by swirling synths and eerie vocal samples cut and twisted into odd shapes. That approach has served Tomiie well as he's shifted styles from his early, progressive work to a cleaner, more minimal tech house-oriented approach these days. Some of his productions have earned legendary status, especially "Tears," his debut collaboration with Frankie Knuckles, and "Love in Traffic," an early track he did with ex-Sneaker Pimp Kelli Ali that was featured on a John Digweed Global Underground mix. His label, Saw Recordings, has done quite well, too, notching more than fifty releases from artists including Chab, Jim Rivers, Auduofly X and Lexicon Avenue. Whether deejaying, producing or doing A&R, the man manages to put his own musical imprint on things.


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