Savage Henry

Few local recordings are as skillfully played and cleanly produced as Savage Henry's self-titled debut. Too bad the CD lacks the spark of originality that separates capable discs from truly memorable ones.

The quartet of Damon Guerrasio, Mike Rice, Stuart Miller and Ryan Morrow gig consistently; they're part of the South Park Music Festival on September 8 and appear at the Soiled Dove on September 10. By taking advantage of onstage opportunities like these, they've developed a tight sound, with guitarist Miller's riffology standing out on cuts such as "Place in the Sunshine" and "Werewolves & Redheaded Devils." Trouble is, the sort of jammy college rock and modified ska and funk epitomized by "Alive & Kickin'" and "Mischievous" have been bar-scene staples for a decade-plus, and mere proficiency can't make such tunes seem fresh again.

Been there, done that well -- but done it, nonetheless.


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