Meet metal's Saviours.


As the second wave of grunge washes across the country and the globe — whinier and wimpier than the first — the world's metal mavens have begun to scurry to their corners to formulate survival strategies. Increasingly, these Mad Maxes look to past heroes for salvation and inspiration. Among them is Saviours, an Oakland-based outfit that rose from hardcore roots to heavy-metal prominence with its blistering 2006 debut, Crucifire. Simultaneously progressive and retrogressive, its recently released sophomore effort, Into Abaddon, further cements the group's place among the leaders of the new old school of heavy metal. Saviours play like the entire Kemado Records roster rolled into a single band, deftly blending the doomsday dirges of Sabbath, the barking vocals of Mötörhead and the fiery tempos and enormous riffs of Maiden and Priest. And as if that weren't enough, the band gallops into town with three other horsemen of the underground-metal apocalypse. You're going to need a fresh pair of earplugs — and maybe underwear — after this one.


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