Savoy at the Bluebird

So what are they putting in the water up in Boulder these days? First 3OH!3 takes its ridiculous electro-hop shtick and turns into one of the biggest bands in America. Now Savoy is emerging as the kind of body-rocking electro act that goes down easy with the rock kids but can still set an underground dance floor ablaze. Think a younger version of MSTRKRFT with a drummer thrown in for good measure and you're in the right neighborhood. After a set at Monolith that was one of the pleasant surprises of the festival, the trio is primed to take the world by storm — assuming this electro thing doesn't yield to something else in the meantime. Savoy has just released Automatic, a slick new disc that works the basic formula pretty well and manages to keep things surprisingly fresh by mixing tempos and dynamics just enough so the energy level stays high without triggering fatigue halfway through. Pair solid tunes with a kicking live show (which you can see Saturday, November 21, at the Bluebird) and you've got a recipe for success.


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