School Knights

The title of its latest album notwithstanding, School Knights has never put out anything even remotely lethargic. Here, intricately textured guitar work practically effervesces throughout, with bright melodies that rush by in an energizing breeze — a lot like Deerhunter, if that band's songs were played at double time. Even the more downbeat "Low Tide" is informed by the kind of youthful exuberance that makes Surfer Blood so unexpectedly compelling. At times, the chord progressions on this release also recall Weirdo Rippers-era No Age, but sped up, and with the bell-tone guitar sounds swarming at a much higher velocity. While it would be easy to file the music of School Knights under "summery surf-garage pop," this release transcends even that designation, especially on the closing track "And the Moon Descends Upon the Temple, What Was," with its beautifully meditative atmospheres.


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