School Knights stay up at the hi-dive on Friday, May 11

Since its earliest days as an appealing garage-surf two-piece, School Knights (due at the hi-dive on Friday, May 11) has doubled its membership. Founded by former Weed Diamond guitarist Michael Stein and drummer Zack Roif, the band added Ben Donehower on bass and Morris Kolontyrsky on guitar to help fill out the sound and give the music a greater degree of dynamism, bolstering its already visceral and frantically energetic sound. The result is a band that combines the kinetic energy of the best garage punk with an introspective sheen that lends the songwriting a rare depth not often displayed by the group's peers. At this show, the Knights will debut the video for "Powerslut," a song that humorously addresses the double standards and hypocrisies inherent in modern sexual politics and generational differences. These are clearly not your average garage-rockers.


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