Scissor Sisters

Years before Lady Gaga helped champion ambiguously oriented — and blatant — sexuality, Scissor Sisters went there without apology. Musically, the act wears its influences proudly, from disco and rock to New Orleans piano and even, once, bluegrass. The Sisters are too tricky to be straight pop, too glammy to be called alt-rock. Most important, they're a world-class pastiche of gay iconicity, both subversive (covering the often-drab Pink Floyd as glimmering disco-house) and sincere: Songs like "Mary" and "Take Your Mama" are such convincing Elton John homages that the man himself took notice and helped the band write the international hit "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'." But all the naughty word games and scandalous-by-default spittings are just decor for the Scissor Sisters' true agenda: fun.


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