Scott Weiland

Who knows what the hell's going on with Scott Weiland these days? After Stone Temple Pilots collapsed largely because of his parade of personal issues (arrests, rehab stints et. al.), he landed the frontman spot in Velvet Revolver, the rare supergroup that actually made a commercial mark — at least until early last year, when Weiland split amid a flurry of tabloid headlines and recriminating quotes to rejoin the Pilots. That group actually managed to complete a subsequent tour without collapsing, and while Weiland issued a solo platter called "Happy" in Galoshes in November, the release shouldn't be taken as a sign that he's ready to bail again. News about the recording is splashed all over the official STP website, indicating that the other bandmembers are eager to indulge side projects like this one — an erratic, slapdash affair featuring tepid psychedelic pop like "Big Black Monster" and an imagination-free duplication of David Bowie's "Fame." Not that Weiland needs any more enabling...


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