Scratch and Dent Sale: What You're Recording

Scratch and Dent Sale: What You're Recording

I don't think it's just sound waves that get recorded in the studio.


think you're recording everything -- EVERYTHING -- that's happening in

the room, in the song, in the heads, hands and hearts of everyone in

the room at that moment... and the control room too.


really no hiding. And if you try to hide, you'll just record yourself

hiding. Or if you're faking, it'll be a record of people faking it.

You're recording the relationship of so many things interacting and speaking to each other... the bandmembers,

the instruments, the songs, the lyrics, the walls, the air, the

engineer, the gear...all of it.

That's why

some records can sound technically perfect but utterly lifeless,

uninspired and empty while others have blood and skin and dirt

and air and loose threads and smudges and real, raw human marks all

over it, and they floor you.

It's tricky, striking that balance. It's navigation by other means.


also why it's so incredibly exhausting to make even a decent record,

let alone a great one: There's a lot going on. There's a lot to

feel your way through and think your way through.

This is

why I haven't been able to sleep for the past five days, even though I've been

incredibly tired from twelve-hour recording shifts. I can't turn off. --John Common

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