Scratching the Surface

The Crystal Method was one of the few American dance acts to enjoy the electronica boom of the late '90s. With a sound akin to the Chemical Brothers', the Method's huge breakbeats, samples and acid lines helped tracks like "Keep Hope Alive" and "Busy Child" become club, rave and radio staples, proving not only that the Brits didn't have an exclusive license on the dance scene, but that a couple of Yanks from L.A. could rock it just as hard. Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland's newest effort, Legion of Boom, reveals a deeper, more experimental side emerging in lieu of the hook-laden dance-floor rockers we've come to expect from the act -- and although longtime fans may feel jilted, the Method needs to be more than a one-trick pony to remain vital. Currently on tour in support of Community Service, Vol. 2, a remix album, the Crystal Method shines at the Church this Saturday, May 21.


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