Scratching the Surface

DJ John Acquaviva has been blazing a trail in the dance scene since its earliest days. From launching the Plus-8 imprint with partner Richie Hawtin in 1989 to his involvement in pioneering Final Scratch technology (and his subsequent stake in, Acquaviva has been all about pushing the scene forward. He still focuses the better part of his attention on straight-up deejaying, though, and his unbelievably vast record collection -- an estimated 50,000 pieces -- allows him to be extremely versatile, able to play for just about any crowd. His most recent mix disc, Back 2 Basics: New School Electrohouse, finds him delving into the trendy and cutting-edge electro sound that's been making its presence felt in clubs in recent months. Catch Acquaviva this Thursday, June 30 at the Church.


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