Scratching the Surface

If you hate trance, you can place a fair amount of the blame on BT (Brian Transeau to his parents, wife and friends). The superstar producer helped push the form to its lushest, most symphonic and bombastic heights, and his tracks are among the most recognizable and iconic in the genre. Outside of being possibly the world's top trance producer, he's also produced some pretty well-known pop hits for 'N Sync and branched out within the dance world to embrace breakbeats, electro and other styles. In the studio he's known as a total perfectionist, to the point of developing his own software to get the results he's after. It's not all buttons and knobs, though: BT (due at Beta on Saturday, September 28) was classically trained, and his tracks are as musical as they are technical. Love or hate his work, it's impossible to deny its influence and impact.


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