Scream Club

Cindy Wonderful has come a long way since her days as a lo-fi pioneer in the mid-'90s. From her time with Denver rap-punk legends Rainbow Sugar to her Julie Ruin-esque solo effort, The Double V Album, to today, Wonderful has explored more facets of her musical creativity than most people ever will. Currently, she's paired with Sarah Adorable in experimental hip-hop act Scream Club. And while it would be easy to lump the group in with electroclash, it's been more genuinely subversive, lyrically and musically, than similarly minded endeavors. The crew transformed Bronski Beat's sullen "Small Town Boy," about homophobia, into the defiantly fun "Life of a Heartbreaker" and collaborated with Peaches on an unapologetically sex-positive song. Fearlessly mixing ideas, serious and otherwise, Scream Club makes some of the most joyful dance music around.


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