Sebastian Koch spins on July at the Full Moon Gathering at Rancho del Rio

Forget Detroit. Right now, Berlin is Ground Zero when it comes to innovative, boundary-pushing techno, and Sebastian Koch is right up there with that city's movers and shakers. Koch started spinning hip-hop records in 1996, and in 1998, after he became exposed to a wider range of electronica, he started playing the New Faces Night at the legendary Tresor club. Since then, he's taken over the Berlin studio of Internet radio station Spiel-Trieb and founded the 31337 record label. His minimal taste emphasizes the details in all of his tracks, which sometimes venture into dark techno — but no matter what he's spinning, it's always groovy. And it will sound even better this Saturday, July 16, at the July Full Moon Gathering at Rancho del Rio (, an all-night camping party that will also feature Tim Tor (all the way from Amsterdam), the Missing Link, Ejay, Trip Coffin, Scott Everett, Tess, Deciprocal, Baggett, Mathyou, Ivy, Jerome Baker and Khalib.

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