See Voodeux Live live on November 13 at Beta

If the DJs at HallowFreakn'Ween didn't offer enough creepy, haunted-house-worthy tracks for you, then you won't want to miss Voodeux Live (due at Beta this Saturday, November 13). Comprising two well-respected producers — James Watts, AKA KiloWatts, a downtempo/breakbeats/techno expert, and Tanner Ross, who creates techno and house tracks -- Voodeux has been described as "Halloween on wax," with adjectives like "paranoid," "dark" and "evil" tossed in for good measure in an effort to further explain the pair's debut LP, The Paranormal. Watts and Ross were encouraged to create a full-length album when none other than Claude VonStroke, who heard their EP, The Curse, asked for more. Watts's expertise on piano and Ross's experience in remixing and creating music have served them both well. Although the two live hundreds of miles apart, they collaborate by passing project files back and forth. It's unconventional, mysterious and intriguing — and the resulting mix of eerie house and minimal techno will chill you to the bone.


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