Sera Cahoone

Sera Cahoone grew up in Colorado — Littleton, to be exact. By the time she was in middle school, she was playing drums for gigging bands, and in the early '90s, she formed the experimental-rock band Idle Mind with her friend Roger Green. Although one of the more promising local acts of the time, the pair split and Cahoone got a job in Seattle. She quickly became a fixture in that city's scene, playing drums in the studio for the first Band of Horses album and actively contributing to critically acclaimed indie-pop group Carissa's Wierd. Since 2006, Cahoone has put out a few solo albums on Sub Pop, including her latest, the tender and pastoral Deer Creek Canyon, named after her old stamping grounds. Reflecting Cahoone's lifelong love of old-time country music, the record also reflects Cahoone's love of her home state.


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