Shady Elders

"In the Waves," the opening track on the new Shady Elders EP, has a lonely, almost wistful breeziness, with crystalline guitar tones cutting a simple figure while another guitar sound flutters and swells around them. "Schoolmate," meanwhile, features ethereal guitar work with notes that ring out and melodies that recall girl-group odes mixed with surf pop. On "Cruel," Britt Rodemich brings in a little more attitude, lending the song the appropriate level of snarl, while the ringing, single-note guitar lead of "Salamanca" serves as a delicate counterpoint to the tune's thick, insistent bass line, propelling the vocals of Rodemich and Casey Banker, who sing in short couplets, letting the song build in volume and richness, resulting in the EP's strongest track.


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