#ShitRappersSay on stage in Denver

#ShitRappersSay on stage in Denver

5. "I know they said I was supposed to be here before..." Shows get shuffled around. It happens. Dates change, contracts are re-negotiated, people get shot. Eventually, though, the shows usually go on. From the re-scheduled Black Star show tonight to Tyga's last go at the Ogden, Denver has a pretty good track record when it comes to making good on dates. Let's hope this trend continues (Action Bronson, we're looking at you, sir).


#ShitRappersSay on stage in Denver
Britt Chester

4. "Denver is like my second home!" The one thing Denver offers that many other cities don't is a fiercely loyal crowd. If a 5280 audience fucks with your live show, then a 5280 audience fucks with your live show. Ask Tech N9NE, Method Man and Red Man and Talib Kweli, all of whom frequently play Denver shows to packed houses and party rocking fans.


#ShitRappersSay on stage in Denver

3. "It's hard as hell to breathe up here..." Yes, Denver is, in fact, a mile high above sea level. Yes, sometimes it's hard to breathe, especially since artists typically don't have a lot of time to adjust to the air before hitting the stage. Drink your water, kids.


#ShitRappersSay on stage in Denver
Kiernan Maletsky

2. "Denver has the baddest bitches..." A stock statement used by nearly every artist looking to incite boobtacular behavior from brave ones in the crowd, it's surely a phrase that gets the people going. What with it being YOLO season and all, this weekend is no doubt to produce more flashes than a world of iPhone cameras can capture.


#ShitRappersSay on stage in Denver

1. "The best weed in the whole world is found right here in Denver..." True story, obviously. Whereas in almost any city you can rattle off the top of your head, hip-hop artists would be thrown under the jail for having so much as a nugget of herb, here in Denver this practice is not only tolerated, it's encouraged. That's why Too $hort, Wiz Khalifa, Raekwon, Snoop Dogg and countless other rappers find themselves right at home in the Mile High City.

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