Most everything you need to know about horny, go-getting Los Angeles newcomer Shwayze can be gleaned from lines like this one from "Polaroid": "Woke up with a semi-hard dick/In a fat chick/Three this week/Call that a hat trick." Yeah, it's that bad. Oddly, though, the partly sung, partly rapped tracks recall Citizen Cope and Kidz in the Hall more than typical misogynistic rap outtings. Celebutante-bedder and Shwayze mentor Cisco Adler contributes solid choruses and production on tracks like the Dave Navarro-featured closer, "Flashlight," an insistent, G-funk rocker. Too bad Shwayze manages to ruin it with lines like "I got a blankey/ I'll lay it on the sand sand/ I went deep like the goddamn Grand Can." There's something unsettling about such hipster misogyny.

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